Isabela is an International designer from Barcelona, Spain. Isabela's influences come from her travels though out the world. Her most current work has been featured in Fashion Week Brooklyn.  The designs are classic with a twist. The future holds many great things for this Avant Garde designer. Isabela is most known for her work with the Miss.Universe Pageants for over 25 years the girl who won Miss.Universe Canada & Miss. Universe Spain wore a one of a kind Isabela Milan custom made gown!!! Her dream and passion is to dress the most beautiful women in the world. Isabela's dress was worn in 1995 in Namibia and won the evening gown competition!!!! Isabela worked with UNIVERSAL STUDIO'S & Donald Trump. Isabela also created a one of a kind wedding gown for country singer Tanya Tucker!!!!!


NINA is the only daughter of Isabela Milan. Nina has collaborated in the family business on many collections. Nina will be the one to take over the family business and follow in her mother's footsteps! 

photography equipment

The eldest son of Isabela Milan is a photographer! He wishes to remain anonymous but he plays a key role in the Milan empire helping with the business to the of course photography! Great thing's are yet to come for this well seasoned photographer who studied photography under the wing of Con Boland himself! 

LOGO R 2018.png

ROCKO  is the son of Isabela Milan. Rocko is currently working on a mens collections of sports and underwear. Look out for Rocko's collection in the upcoming fashion shows.


Rocko is an international DJ, you can check out his music here: